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What is a Deposition?

According to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, a deposition is testimony taken under oath outside of a courtroom that is used for discovery purposes only. Depositions can be used to gather information about a case and the testimony gained during a deposition may be used in court.

Because this is a very delicate issue, it is important to have legal representation for your case. If you have been involved in an accident and need representation, contact the McAllen accident lawyers of the J. Gonzalez Law Firm at 956-630-6700.

What to know before your deposition

There are several important things to know before you are deposed including:

  • You are entitled to a notice  - If you are represented by counsel then adequate written notice will be provided to your attorney. Notice must be provided to all other parties involved in the lawsuit and include the name of the person to be deposed and the time and location of the deposition

  • You will be testifying under oath - You may be tried for perjury if the testimony you provide is false

  • You have the right to be represented by an attorney - During the deposition your attorney can be present

What to expect during a deposition

Depositions are typically conducted in a conference room or another meeting place and not inside the courtroom. Your testimony will be recorded and often transcribed. After those preliminary matters have been satisfied, the party who requested the deposition will start asking you questions. Your attorney has the right to make an objection to any questions they ask you.

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The reliable attorneys of the J. Gonzalez Law Firm will help you prepare for the deposition and help win your case. If you or someone you know has suffered an accident and are now facing a deposition, contact the personal injury attorneys of the J. Gonzalez Law Firm in McAllen at 956-630-6700.

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